Steece’s Steez

There will be never be another me. No one will experience life the way I did. My vision is my own. No other viewers allowed. All of the emotions felt, hard work put in, and growth that took place are mine and only mine. Every little cool, quirky, disgusting, brilliant, mediocre, beautiful, astonishing, dope, weak, and weird thing that makes me who I am can never be recreated by anyone else.

That’s music to my ears.

Each morning I wake up I am gifted with another front row seat to this unique film. So how can I ever have the audacity to be disappointed with anything that has, is, or will take place in my life? There is beauty in the fall, and glory in the ascension. No matter what is taking place it is my own, and for that I am extremely thankful. If I truly love myself I have to speak with confidence about my strengths and weaknesses. I must find and be aware of the light in all of my  existence.

You know whats no surprise? My success is different from yours. My failure is different from yours. My love doesn’t look like yours. My pain doesn’t look like yours. My walk, harlem shake, and electric slide is certainly going to be different from yours. My everything will never look like anything you have.And you know what? I think it’s wonderful.

You hate me? That’s your prerogative. You misunderstand me? That’s unfortunate but peace unto you. You can’t stand me? Hey, it’s all good. You love me? Great, enjoy the ride. Either way I still pray for you.

I am growing to appreciate my life so much more…but no worries. Loving me more just permits me to love you and appreciate all of your differences, and what you have to offer the world. Since no one is the same we all compliment each other and in that I find peace. Glory to God.

My style has always been to create home wherever I am and moving forward I welcome whatever comes my way.

But hey what do I know?


#Magicbehindthemadness #Shineyourlightontheworld


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