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“To worship is to quicken the conscience by the holiness of God, to feed the mind with the truth of God, to purge the imagination by the beauty of God, to open the heart to the love of God, to devote the will to the purpose of God.” -William Temple

When building a house the most important thing is the foundation. A house with a weak foundation is a bad investment, and unable to withstand harsh conditions. I am consistently trying to grow in my walk with the Lord. Though I fall short, I can feel a change in my thoughts, and values. I am certain it has a positive impact on my behavior. The Lord is worth searching, and worshiping. By searching, loving, trusting, and walking with the Lord I am able to endure the hardships that come my way. The deeper the roots the stronger the tree, right? Absolutely. It’s important to me to be deeply rooted spiritually, so I can truly be resilient without it having a harsh toll on me mentally, spiritually and physically. I’m aware that all walks of life are different but I strongly encourage increasing your praise and worship life. We may not have the same beliefs, but knowing your values and living a life that is a true reflection of what you believe is key. This world will try to convince you that you are losing but you can miss me with that non-sense. As long as I give God the glory, work on my prayer life, love and serve others there is no way I’m taking an L.


“If you invest nothing, the reward is worth little.” – Richelle Goodrich

You reap what you sow, so if you want anything to flourish you have to put in the work. When it comes to my personal growth, work aspirations, relationships, business endeavors, health goals, I mean anything you name it. I must put in the hours, push through procrastination, and move at my own pace to see some progress. Some days I am able to give 110% and some days not so much, but I have learned to respect the process. I know if there is something I’m not excelling in, it’s because I haven’t put forth the effort to ensure that win. Opposition, and obstacles will always arise but truly being a winner is pushing above that and them. Still working hard for my goals no matter gets in my way is how I measure up if I’m winning or pre-winning (lol). I may not always achieve the success I thought I was working toward, but along the way, I always expand my mindset, make new connections with others, discover additional goals, and add experience to my belt. Where’s the loss in that?


“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

I struggle with being patient in many areas of my life. That’s a fact. Therefore, the road to being somewhat stoic is one that I constantly try to travel down. I’ve learned that making a habit of rushing the process will take you down a slippery slope. It causes unnecessary stress, headaches, over thinking, hurts others and myself. Often times it will even take you down a path you had a no business traveling in the first place. Almost every goal, if not all, that I want to accomplish will take quality time and preparation. Let me repeat that…quality time and preparation. With that being known, it’s important to be able to endure the discomfort associated with waiting without complaining. It is not just about being able to wait, but how exactly does my wait look to others and myself. Now that’s the major key! While I am on this mission, let me not mentally reject what I decided to commit to. Understand it’ll take some time, and be one with it. Enjoy every minute of it, even the minutes that hug my last nerve, because I can’t get them back. I must always move forward with a positive attitude because I am not the only one waiting. My dreams have been waiting for me since before time. They have been eagerly waiting to be greeted with a head held high, inviting spirit, hopeful mindset, and a gorgeous smile. So I plan on giving them exactly what they’re waiting for!

Honestly, what’s an L? Because I’m always winning…But what do I know?


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