Against the Grain…

I have nothing against celebrating the holidays that are already in place, but someone like you and I created them. Celebrating holidays have bloomed into traditions, which is totally fine. What I have an issue with is people being singled out, breaking bank to fit in, feeling less than, idolizing materials, and glamorizing the shallow celebration without uplifting or obtaining the meaningful values behind the “holiday”.

Don’t allow the norms in society to put you down because you don’t fit into the mold they deem acceptable. Where’s the love in that? There is none.

Today is Valentine’s day. If you know me, you know I love me some love. It warms my heart to see everyone celebrating their love, and loved ones. But I didn’t appreciate an article I read that basically stated if you are single on this day, you may need to reevaluate yourself. My truth is that I do not have a date today, and even though I am fine with that someone may read the same article and really think they are not whole because they are not spending this day with a romantic partner, and that made me uneasy.

Love is all around.  And should not be limited to one day. Lift love up everyday. Lift up your friends everyday. Lift up your family everyday. Lift up your support system everyday. Lift yourself up everyday. Lift up GOD everyday.

Aim to be consistent in showing appreciation. Aim to be different! Create your own holidays that are filled with meaning, and have a great deal of significance to you and your life. I get excited about creating my own holiday’s and traditions. Uplift your values every day so all days are special.

Don’t measure yourself, relationship, or values with man made concepts. We’re only humans.

But what do I know?


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